(Belated) FilmLab May Update: Frame Detection Progress Report

The month of May has really been flying by… so much so that you’ve probably noticed that it is now, in fact, June. Past time for a May update!

This month I continued work on the frame identification and tracking code I described in last month’s update. The work has gone well, although there have been a few twists and turns as I tried to find the right balance of accuracy, reliability, and performance. It’s almost done now – if you follow me on Instagram keep an eye out for a demo video in the next couple of days. This work has also held up the next beta release for iOS and Android, but once it’s wrapped up the 0.4 betas should be updated fairly quickly. It’s going to be a big step forward and I’m really excited to hear what you beta testers think of it.

Meanwhile, in the rest of the world, the film renaissance seems to be full swing. Even in my quiet little part of Maine, I keep meeting people who are shooting film, and most of them seem to be in their 20’s. If you’re a young person into photography in 2018, you’re probably at least experimenting with film. The need for FilmLab is stronger than ever, and can’t even tell you how much I’m looking forward to getting version 1.0 shipped.

The market for new film tools and accessories keeps on growing too. One new project that I’m particularly interested in is the pixl-latr, being developed by Hamish Gill of the popular film photography site 35mmc. He’s describing it as “a new, low cost, simple but effective way” of backlighting film and holding it in place for scanning purposes. That sounds great to me! I’ve requested an early access copy from him for evaluation, so as soon as I can get one I’ll write up a post with my impressions. Hamish is launching pixl-latr via Kickstarter, with the launch coming right up on June 15th, so go sign up for his mailing list if you want to get the latest updates from him.

I’ll be back later this month with a June update, hopefully with lots more to share about FilmLab progress. As always, thanks for reading, and thanks for your support!