FilmLab Desktop release notes

Beta releases

0.6.2 (6/13/2020)

  • Fixed crash that would result in blank window with certain computers / GPUs

0.6.1 (6/5/2020)

  • Improved performance and speed
  • Fixed issue where raw images were being loaded and saved at 1/2 size
  • Fixed bug where raw files from some Nikon cameras weren’t loading properly


  • Consolidated menu bar and title bar on Windows


  • Small adjustments to auto exposure and color balance algorithms


  • Fixed a bug where images would sometimes get rotated the wrong way after flipping


  • Added more keyboard shortcuts: Cmd/Ctrl P/N for previous/next image, Cmd/Ctrl-F to flip, Cmd/Ctrl-R to rotate. JK to adjust exposure, ASWD to adjust color balance.
  • Main window now supports resizing and works better on small screens
  • Switched to sliders for color balance instead of a 2d field. This takes up a lot less vertical space and in practice is just as fast to use.
  • Improved color accuracy based on lots of testing and refinement, and comparing results to ra-4 prints
  • Fixed issue where black and white exposure range was too dark